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05-30-11, 22:26
I am new in web hosting. I only hear about “control panels”. I want to know about it? Can anyone please help me?

05-30-11, 23:25
Control panel is a user-friendly interface designed to give a complete control over the administration and management of the website and server. It is also known as cPanel. cPanel is designed to function either as a dedicated server or virtual private server and it supports CentOS, Red Hat Linux, and FreeBSD.

05-31-11, 06:27
Additionally, there are many options available for control panel such as cPanel for Linux, Plesk for Windows, etc.......However, to use these control panels, you need to pay for licensing cost and for few users it's simply annoying. In this case they can opt free control panels such as webmin, etc........

To be very honest, just enter a keyword in Google “hosting control panel” and you will see the magic.