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05-29-11, 23:25
I have lost my wordpress admin password and cant retrieve it from the option “Forgot Password”.Can you please help.

05-30-11, 00:28
If you ever loose your WordPress admin password for any reason and you are unable to logon to your administrator panel again you have a short simple powerful solution instead of deleting all your wordpress files from your server and reinstalling it all over again:

1. From your webhost control panel or CPanel logon to your phpMyAdmin.
2. Click on Databases.
3. You might be having multiple databases in it, choose the database that is associated with your wordpress blog. It will usually have your username and wordpress prefix on it’s name depending on what you have choosen first time when creating the database.
4. After you have selected the correct database, you will get a table with a list of rows and columns, now from the row with the name wp_users click above the that says browse when you hover your mouse pointer over it.
5. On the new screen, you will see a list of rows which represents the registered users on your wordpress blog, the blog admin should usually have ID #1 along with login name (user_login) and password (user_pass) in the form of a long string of numbers and letters (this is your old admin password encrypted in the database) . Now we need to edit that password field so we can create a new one for our wordpress admin control panel. to do this, we need to click on the pencil icon on the far left beside the empty check box.
6. On the next screen you will see a box contains all the user related details. In front of the user_pass you can find a long encoded string. Delete the long string of encoded characters and then type the new password you want in the same field.
7.Once done on the same user_pass row under the function from the drop down menu select MD5. This is the type of encoding to be used for the new password.
8. Now click Go at the bottom of the box.
9. Now just go to your wordpress admin login page, for example: testing.com: The Leading Testing Site on the Net (http://www.testing.com/blog/wp-login.php) and type in your new password along with your admin username.

Now you will be logged in to to your WordPress administrator panel.

06-06-11, 06:11
I am trying to change user_name & password of my word-press blog, through phymyadmin. I followed all the steps you mentioned above, but still not able to log-in my wp blog, as it still says “incorrect user-name and password”.

Actually, when I select MD5 option and enter new password. By default it shows me an encrypted password.......what should I do now?