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05-26-11, 00:34
I want to know that What are the difference between VPN and RDP?

05-26-11, 01:50
RDP is a common name for a group of applications that permit a user to access and control a computer from a remote location. This is very beneficial for those who are recently on the move, but require the resources that are on their desktop. People who commonly utilize Remote Desktop are those who work at home, or are in the field. VPN is stands for Virtual private network, it is the creation of a smaller private network on top of a larger public network, like the internet. Computers that are connected through a VPN, act as if they are physically connected to the same switch. VPN permit applications that only work on a local network, to work on the internet. timeforarest

carl owen
05-26-11, 21:00
RDP is an abbreviation for Remote Desktop Protocol. It is developed by Microsoft and is mostly used to access Windows based servers and computers from a remote location. Whereas, VPN is a Virtual Private Network which is used to access the Local Area Network which is developed between the client and server for secure access.