View Full Version : Enable Plesk Sitebuidler

05-24-11, 23:26
How can I enable Plesk Sitebuidler in my plesk panel?

05-25-11, 00:09
Plesk Control Panel -> Clients -> client -> Preferences -> Keep the corresponding user account in Sitebuilder

This makes the button active for the domain.

Plesk Control Panel -> Domains -> your-domain.com -> Setup -> Create and publish Web site using Sitebuilder .

carl owen
05-25-11, 20:20
Carol.P has provided the steps to access Plesk Sitebuilder in Plesk control panel, however, you will be able to access Plesk Sitebuilder in the Plesk control panel only if it's installed on the server.

Plesk Sitebuilder being a 3rd party application by Plesk also requires licensing fee. Therefore, if it's not installed on the server, you need to purchase it's license and get it installed.