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05-12-11, 04:52
I think, Mambo is not much more popular and also not staying updated. Do you know why is that? Somebody Help Me

05-12-11, 05:01
Mambo is a very popular process to manage the content on the website. It is popular in the hosting industry, but not that popular as compared to the another cms. Hammering

05-12-11, 05:13
Possibly the reason is, mambo CMS was created before joomla. They are actually not that different, so if you know one then you can utilize the another.

carl owen
05-27-11, 21:21
Mambo is a content management system which is available for free. It has won numerous awards for being one of the best content management systems available in the industry, however, the development of Mambo is stopped a couple of years ago due to some reasons. Hence, it is better to choose some other content management system.