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05-12-11, 03:23
What are the advantages between: Drupal vs Joomla/mambo vs Word press?

05-12-11, 03:37
There are many advantages. Those are describe bellow :

1. Very clean core code.
2. Some excellent developers available for hire.

1. Good menu system.
2. Strong static page structure (cf. weblog).
3. Built-in membership/community features.

1. Huge community.
2. Easy to theme in a unique process. A WordPress site doesn't have to look like a WordPress site.
3. Great plugin architecture.

05-12-11, 03:52
One more advantage of Drupal, It can be made very server efficient in the right hands (scaleable).

In case of Joomla/Mambo, It present long time in the market.

In case of Wordpress:
Plugins for everything.
Lots of great professional developers.
Fast development cycle. Improvements every year.

05-12-11, 04:06
What are the disadvantages between :Drupal vs Joomla/mambo vs Word press? Somebody Help Me

05-12-11, 04:29
1. Less ready made drop-in plugins. You're going to have to get your hands dirty almost every time.
2. More imposing default user interface.


1. Built-in performance pretty sluggish/clunky.
2. Horrid built-in URLs.
3. Weak weblog section.
4. Hard to theme. A Mambo/Joomla site looks like Mambo/Joomla, like it or not.
5. Crappy built-in SEO. Leading SEO plugin belongs to a very peculiar developer and is encrypted (have fun repairing the SEO plugin, we reverse engineered and decrypted it for our site to make our changes even after paying for it).


1. Fairly weak core code (in comparison to Drupal, but not Joomla!) but core getting better every year.
2. Lots of really crap faker developers in the pool who couldn't build a working website to save their mother's life.
3. Lots of popular but seriously broken plugins which will cripple your website performance forever and make it nearly impossible for you to cleanly upgrade (NextGen Gallery, I'm looking at you but not just you).

05-12-11, 04:47
In case of Drupal, it has Fewer developers and more expensive developers.

In case of Joomla/ Mambo :
1. Nasty, nasty core code. Very difficult to fix broken items.
2. Fractured community (never healed after Joomla/Mambo split back in 2006).
3. Most good plugins are pay.
4. Developer pricing is all over the map as there are many old-school Mambo/Joomla developers still ought there churning out convoluted future-resistant code quite affordably.

In case of Wordpress, it has very fast an upgrade cycle. You have to keep upgrading your site, whether you like it or not, for security reasons. There are no security releases only new versions. Feel the pain for a commercial site with running a full complement of plugins. Corollary: choose your plugins and plugin developers very, very carefully for cleanliness of code and frequency of update.

05-12-11, 04:55
Which is the best CMS(Drupal or Wordpress or Joomla/ Membo)? :confused: