View Full Version : FTP log ins for domain names

04-22-11, 23:41

Can I have separate FTP log ins for each domain?

04-23-11, 00:02
Yes, for both Linux & Windows you can have a separate FTP log in for each domain name associated with the hosting account.

04-23-11, 02:25
You cannot create ftp account for any domain under your main domain. FTP account can be created only for your main domain and from that particular FTP Account you can connect to other domains. To do so following are the steps:

Steps to create ftp account for main domain

Login to cpanel >> Files >> FTP Accounts

Enter the details

To the right of “Director/home/user/public_html“, Please provide a directory for which you would like the user to access to. If you leave it blank, the particular user will have access to full “Public_HTML” directory.

So it is always recommended to enter / in box next to Directory:


Click Create

Once the ftp account is created you can connect to any ftp client using the created ftp account. Ofter connecting to ftp account you can got to that respective path of the particular addon or subdomain of your main domain that exists under the public_html folder . Before connecting to ftp account via ftp client make sure that passive mode is enabled for your ftp client.

If you still face any problem please let me know the exact ftp client like filezilla or ws ftp etc along with the ftp details which you are using to connect to ftp.;)