View Full Version : Integration of Kayako with WHMCS

04-20-11, 03:52

I've installed both of this on my E-commerce website and now I want to turn off the support area in WHMCS and want to point it to Kayako. Somewhere I read there is a support for this, so can someone give me an idea; how to do this?

Kristine Habeck
04-20-11, 03:56
It happened similar to me when I wanted to turn off the support section in WHMCS. I used Kayako support, and they fixed all. However, there was some glitches so they did it manually.

04-20-11, 04:15
First, let me know how does it integrate? And is it really that much worthy? And what about the clients and administration? Do we have to log in to two sections or can clients log in to one & be logged into both?

04-20-11, 05:18
Well it works fine and the integration works perfectly. In addition Kayako has the best support facilities. Even, look and feel is great as well. The clients log in to one, & can view the ticket system from within WHMCS. However, administrator need to be logged into the Kayako staff panel to respond to tickets.

04-20-11, 05:52
And let me know what's wrong with WHMCS ticket system? Does it not enough for supporting the clients? Will you elaborate what exactly is the Kayako system can do better than WHMCS support?

04-20-11, 06:35
Kayako is recommended help desk software for WHMCS and this information is available on their official website. It is specially mentioned that those who requires something more advanced support tools than WHMCS can use Kayako. You can check below URL for more details.

Kayako - WHMCS Documentation (http://wiki.whmcs.com/Kayako)