View Full Version : What is stats?

11-30-05, 01:42

is it possible to access the stats or link into them for the ones located in the control panel on another webpage?



MR. Maniac
11-30-05, 02:33
What do you mean?

12-01-05, 21:09
I emailed support and got them to put a redirect link to the webalizer folder.
Don't think its possible for a link to awstats as it isn't just one folder.

Though this would have to be done once each time.

I was thinking that you could do a php script to access the files in the webalizer folder and copy them to a folder of your choice.
Then set up a cron job to do that once a day.

Remember to password protect the directory though.

12-01-05, 21:15
is this to make the webstats visible from a standard webpage (ie. by the public) - or something else?