View Full Version : Spam filter software

02-22-11, 08:20

I am looking for the best spam filter software. What I'd like to know, which is the best software available in the market that people most probably like. Since long time I've really evaluated out system. My clients are presently happy, but I am always looking for some decent ways to do it better.

Kristine Habeck
02-22-11, 08:21
We are using ASSP. It is fast and simple to put together, even it has a several cPanel integration features as well and its installation set up is quite easy.

02-22-11, 08:24
If you are using windows and running Microsoft Exchange, I'd recommend GFI MailEssentials anti-spam filter software. If you want to rely on open source spam filter, then SpamAssassin is the best option.

Michelle Taylor
02-22-11, 08:25
If you are considered to use ASSP, then you can easily integrate it with cPanel. Even it will allows your clients to choose what type of filters to use.