View Full Version : Control Panel for both Linux & Windows platform?

Michelle Taylor
01-08-11, 04:30

Which control panel supporting both Linux and Windows platform? Which do you think is better in server management of multi-server web hosting control panel? Smoke

01-08-11, 04:47

I know only two control panel, which are compatible with Linux and Windows platform, one is H-Sphere and second one is Hosting Controller. Both control panels are specially developed for multi- server solution and really works great with both OS platform environment. Cool

01-08-11, 04:57

H-Sphere and Hosting Controller are simply the two most high-performance control panels on the web hosting market. Both have been developed over the years, which finally makes this fight more closely contested. However, both control panel have the pros and cons so while making any decision ensure that you pick the one, which is suitable for your server management requirements.


Kristine Habeck
01-08-11, 05:11

Both control panels are great to use, but if I am not mistaken the hosting controller does not have any built in applications that will port your data from other control panels. There is one more flaw in hosting controller control panel, software like WHMC don't support it. These are the two main disadvantages in hosting controller otherwise it is a great control panel software. Smoke

01-08-11, 05:31

I'd recommend H-Sphere control panel, my recommendation is based on few reasons such as it is easy to understand and lots of features are already integrated with it. The only thing, which goes against H-Sphere is that most of the user prefer cPanel or Plesk instead of choosing these cross-platform web hosting control panels. Fire1

01-08-11, 05:53

Hosting Controller have its own billing and support system, which is integrated with hosting controller control panel so it is not fair to avoid such a good control panel due to the reason that it is not supported by WHMC or any other billing system. .. Thanx