View Full Version : The User-friendly Control Panel?

01-07-11, 06:46

What is the most user-friendly control panel you ever experienced? I am using Linux Dedicated Server (http://www.bodhost.com/linux-dedicated-servers.html) and really happy with cPanel features, however I never experienced Windows dedicated server (http://www.bodhost.com/windows-dedicated-servers.html) environment so won't able to judge its Control Panel, anyway my question what is the the best control panel in both platform? For Linux what is a good alternative for cPanel if available?


01-07-11, 06:56

If you are looking for cPanel alternative then I'd suggest try LxAdmin. Everyone told me that cPanel is the best, but I've found LxAdmin well suitable for my requirements. Actually LxAdmin is an open source web hosting control panel, which usually used with RedHat and CentOS environment.


Kristine Habeck
01-07-11, 07:06

My recommendation is cPanel, which is based on several reasons such as large amount of customers following it. It is been around since the longest time with too many user-friendly features As if you didn't kno . Even you'll find lots of online tutorials for it so I'd like to spend my precious money on cPanel. :dancing:

01-07-11, 07:11

As LxAdmin is an open source, which is quite new information for me so in near future I will consider it, however, I'd like stay with cPanel. :dancing:

Michelle Taylor
01-07-11, 07:22

I'd recommend DirectAdmin. In terms of features and performance it is as similar to cPanel. On the other hand I never used LxAdmin so won't able to comment anything on it. :)

01-07-11, 07:57

I would like to go with cPanel, because I've used since log time. It is simple and spontaneous end-to-end set up process. As compare to LxAdmin, DirectAdmin or Webmin or whatever it is again practice, which makes perfect. The usual question comes first why should I waste my money on cPanel license when all I need to comes with open source LxAdmin? The answer is quite simple, when you want to save money it should fair to consider open source control panel and if wan something better and easier like cPanel then it is worth to spend money on license, which also well affordable. Smoke