View Full Version : How to Turn on SpamAssassin Automatically?

12-14-10, 09:10

I am using reseller hosting plan and facing problem that I couldn't able to turn on SpamAssassin automatically. It is quit panic for me, because every time I've to log in to my clients cPanel and turn on SpamAssassin. I just wan to know, how to turn on SpamAssassin automatically and set to delete spam on default? Somebody Help Me

12-14-10, 09:28

First you need to Login to WHM then select service configuration. You'll see the Exim configuration Editto option >> turn on SpamAssassin for all accounts.

To simply have the server delete and not deliver emails that are tagged as spam by SpamAssassin, You need to click on default option.

However, leave it disabled by default and enable it only for those clients who want to use it, because spamassassin generate load. As if you didn't kno