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Michelle Taylor
12-06-10, 11:55
Hello to All

I have few sites with dedicated SSL and I need to migrate all of my accounts over to my new server. I need someone that can be available during the transfer in-case anything goes wrong. I will be moving my all 30 sites cPanel to cPanel host. I want to minimize the time that mail is out of synch. My question is how much time it will consume to migrate my all sites?

Note: RVSkin for cPanel needs to be installed and configured on new host.

12-08-10, 06:58

Server to server cPanel transfer is pretty standard and most of the server admin can do that without any problem. However, the transfer time depends upon the size of data, numbers of accounts, server location, transfer speed, etc...... So it is quit hard to mention the specific time period for migration. But you should do some other work while that is going on. As if you didn't kno