View Full Version : Update AWSTATS

12-01-10, 17:41
I have a DNP based control panel and I need to know how to update AWSTATS. Does anyone have instructions for doing that or any advice that will lead me in the right direction?

12-03-10, 00:19
According to my own experience you should Update AWstats manually, it will also help you to identify the problem. Launch cmd, cd to AWstats cgi-bin, type: perl.pl-config=mydomain.local. If your config is OK, then you should see text+"10 new records added". If not it will tell what is the actual problem.

However, you need to make sure AWstats works fine from cmd line. Then check DB file is created in DataDir. Make sure this file is not empty and contains record. Open it with WordDoc to check. Then proceed to troubleshoot in the browser. :p

12-03-10, 11:32
Ah alright, I can see that there is no easy answer, quick fix, shortcut for this kind of update. How much time do you think it would take me to update it all manually?