View Full Version : Looking for FTP Client,Which is Similar to SSH program

11-22-10, 12:04

I am looking for FTP client that is used like a FTP client but can be also used for SSH. I know it sounds like confusing but several clients have asked for such a application. I think back something like F-Secure but could not find any FTP clients.

BoD - Chris
11-23-10, 04:31
I am not sure , as I haven't seen any such software in existence.

Ftp is for Windows O.S , while SSH is for Linux O.S, both O.S have different file structures.

Developing such software , which can work both as a FTP client and SSH as well, must a challenge As if you didn't kno

11-23-10, 07:02
I remember something like WS_FTP. I read somewhere that it uses SSH to encrypt the FTP session and prevent your login info from being sniffed as plain text. Even WS_FTP professional has the ability to function as a shell client with the same interface as their FTP client. Is it true?

BoD - Chris
11-24-10, 04:33
I suppose you are slightly confused between the two protocols FTP and SSH,

FTP is only capable of transferring files from one point to another, and some basic file operations, like copying, moving, or deleting files and directories.

SSH goes far beyond this, as it allows the user to issue commands that can be interpreted and executed on the remote computer by a listening server. It can also be used for tunneling, monitoring certain services and applications that are running, and even for transferring files.

WS_FTP offers Secure connections for data by applying encryption as a feature.

11-24-10, 06:15
Thanks for clarification. Yeah, you are right both protocols are quit different form each other. However, I found WS_FTP is suitable for my reqirements. It uses SSH to encrypt the FTP session and prevent my login info from being sniffed as plain text.

11-29-10, 17:24
If it works for you then it is all good. I sometimes have the same confusion about different web hosting items, terms, meanings. And they are always adding new ones each day!

12-03-10, 00:39
Developing such kind of software is a real challenge. I've discussed the same issue with some experts. And at the end we reached on the conclusion that if we develop such software, which can work both as a FTP client and SSH will be quit unsecured. So it is fair to left both term separate as it is. :p