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11-20-10, 11:49

I am using cPanel control panel to control my all websites. When I select the disk space option there is a .sqmailatttach folder. The size of folder is 100 Meg. I want know, What is in this folder and is it safe to remove?

11-20-10, 12:06
In ordere to get read of excessive disk usage, you want to know is it safe to empty " .sqmailattach " and " .sqmaildata " directories..

I'd like to let you know that the " .sqmaildata " direcotroy contains the preferences and address books of SquirrelMail users.

While " .sqmailattach " directory contains attachments downloaded by SquirrelMail users.

If you have File Manager set not to view hidden files, you won't see the folder due to it having a " . " in front of it.

You'll need to select " Show Hidden Files (dotfiles)." when you first open file manager to see these files.

You can also log in via FTP as the account user to download or delete the contents of the .sqmailattach directory.

The data is stored in plain text files, so you can use cat, less or a text editor to view the contents of the files thorugh SSH.

So I'd suggest please check the same directories and then decide.. Cool

11-20-10, 12:10

This sounds really helpful for me. Thanx for such quick reply.

11-20-10, 13:00
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