View Full Version : Are there any updates?

11-29-05, 19:29
Just wondering what the delay is? Normally the stats are a day or two behind but I've just put up a file that I expect is getting alot of hits and I've no way of monitoring how close to using up my bandwidth I am...

just wondering if there's any reason for the delay ?


11-30-05, 16:08
I'd assumed it was because of BOD installing the 'Statistics Software Configuration' part of Cpanel. (which isn't working yet) My stats have only been updated twice since the end of october.

12-20-05, 19:18
I think you should find something better to do with you time...

12-21-05, 16:39
It's a good idea to pay attention to your site stats, particularly if you have a lot of images. I once found some guy leeching all of the freaking buttons from one of my forums to use on his own site.