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06-23-10, 22:35
Here are few things you can take care of to prevent hacking.

1) Secure Password

a)First remember to “Sign Out/Log Out” from any of the “services”

b) Use strong, long and a complex password, as more variety of characters that you have in your password, the harder it is to guess the password.

c)Avoid sequences or repeated characters in your password.

d)Use Mix letters, numbers and symbols, and use case sensitivity.

e)Avoid dictionary words in any language.

f)Try to memorize the password, and avoid writing it down.

g)Avoid using only one password for all your accounts

h) Last but not the least is to change cPanel / FTP passwords most ofently

2) Enable log archiving
You can Enable log archiving in cPanel by following way:

1.Go to cPanel > Raw Log Manager (the name varies in different cPanel versions).
2.Check the "Archive Logs..." box.
3.Uncheck the "Remove the previous month's archived logs..." box.
4.Click Save
By enabling the log archive it will forcefully save the logs of who connects to your site by HTTP and by FTP .

3) Identify IP:
Just login to your cpanel and check if the last login shows any new IP. As it is showing someone elses IP address it is clear that someone successfully was able to log in to your control panel. They can probably also get FTP access, which is what they are more likely to use than cPanel.
For this the main point is to get the logs and try to identify the IP address that attacked you
The best place to goto check and identify the IP is
cPanel >> Logs >> Latest Visitors. Click on the icon
it will show list of last 300 visitors who have accessed your site.
Once you find the IP next step is to block the IP address. To get the particular IP blocked login to
cPanel >> Security >> IP Deny Manager

4) Permission:
Make sure file and folder permissions are what they should be. You need to set the folder permission to 755 (rwxr-xr-x), and file permission to 644 (rw-r--r--).Those are what you should mostly expect to see.

5) Implement a firewall:
You can also Implement a firewall -- A firewall is a barrier that keeps hackers and viruses out of computer networks.
Remember that although a firewall stops hackers from getting in, it will not remove any existing 'backdoor' software from your machine. For this, you need a good anti-virus product like Norton or Sophos. Also make sure that you use your anti-virus software regularly, and that you keep it up-to-date.

Hope this help you prevent your sites from being hacked......

carl owen
06-24-10, 20:44
Hi Carol,

Thank you for the informative post. It will really help users to secure their accounts from being hacked :)

It is important that all the necessary steps are taken to avoid hacking of the account. These steps if followed will almost eliminate the scope of account getting hacked.

08-08-10, 08:27
I agree, some great advice and written in an easy to follow format. I think the password challenge is a tough one though. Trying to remember them as well as not using the same one is gonna be hard for most people. Any tips?

08-11-10, 13:57
I think the piece of advice about the IP is one that is an easy red flag but that we often forget about. We just assume we are the last ones to log in. It was a good reminder for me.

08-15-10, 21:22
I think the piece of advice about the IP is one that is an easy red flag but that we often forget about. We just assume we are the last ones to log in. It was a good reminder for me.

Yes this is good advice. What do you do though if you find someone else logged in? Who are the likely culprits? Do you have to change IP address?

09-20-10, 13:28
I know many people that use just one password for all their accounts. I have heard that once hacker gets a password he will check popular sites for it, so beware!

10-20-10, 05:13
Thank you for updating.

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11-26-10, 18:53
I have read over the list a few times, asked questions and I finally feel like I am doing all of these things in the way that they should be done to prevent hacking. I am feeling pretty good!