View Full Version : changing addon to a main domain

05-28-10, 23:58
I have planned not to renew one of the main domain on my server. I have other addon domain on this main domain that I want to use as main domain. Is it possible to change the main domain to one of the addons, or do I need to delete everything and start over again?

05-29-10, 00:33
That is possible but a tricky one. 2 DNS zones cannot exists for one domain. You will need to remove the addon domain first. Make sure to take a backup for the data. Later, replace the main domain name to addon domain.

I am sure there are better ways to do this. If I recollect some, I'll post.

05-31-10, 05:05
With cpanel can I not migrate the complete data of the addon domain and use it as a new account using the full backup option ?

06-01-10, 11:42
I am not even sure this is possible without something larger than a massive headache. Wouldnt a restore from the backup just backup to the wrong place and throw an error?