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12-09-09, 17:12
How would you go about explaining Cpanel to someone who has very limited experience with the back end of websites? I'm trying to help a friend, but find that his limited knowledge makes it hard to explain things to him.

12-09-09, 23:02
How limited is his experience with the website back end? I think cPanel is the most suitable control panel for newbies. If I were you, I will start explain the basic usage of the most used features like domains, files and mail.

12-10-09, 00:27
Maybe you could start with me. I honestly have 0 experience on cPanel but I'm willing to study on it.

What is the first prerequisite in studying cPanel? Maybe you could make a tutorial like: cPanel for Dummies (like me Hammering )

12-10-09, 08:59
Hi David,

You can share cpanel tutorial right from the below link. :)
and can also check for other webhosting tutorial created by bodhost.com to acquaint our customers more better with Hosting world.
cPanel Web Server Hosting Tutorials (http://www.bodhost.com/cpanel-dedicated-server-hosting.shtml)
WHM Web Server Hosting Tutorials (http://www.bodhost.com/cpanel-vps-hosting.shtml)
Modernbill Billing System Tutorials (http://www.bodhost.com/helpdesk.shtml)
Nameserver Tutorials (http://www.bodhost.com/nameserver.shtml)
FTP - File Transfer Protocol Tutorials (http://www.bodhost.com/ftp-vps-hosting.shtml)
Frontpage Extension Tutorials (http://www.bodhost.com/frontpage-vps-hosting.shtml)
OScommerce Tutorials (http://www.bodhost.com/oscommerce-hosting.shtml)
ZenCart Tutorials (http://www.bodhost.com/zencart-hosting.shtml)
Plesk Tutorials (http://www.bodhost.com/plesk-vps-hosting.shtml)
Hsphere Tutorials (http://www.bodhost.com/Hsphere.shtml)
phpMyAdmin Tutorials (http://www.bodhost.com/phpmyadmin.shtml)
RVsiteBuilder Tutorials (http://www.bodhost.com/rvsite.shtml)
Virtuozzo VPS Hosting Tutorials (http://www.bodhost.com/virtuozzo-vps-hosting.shtml)

Hope this would help you for the getting the hang of web hosting.Cool
Please feel free to post if you need further assistance. We are here around the clock to serve you better.

Sierra Kingston

12-10-09, 21:29
Thanks for those links Sierra. You Rock

At the end of the first tutorial of cPanel (Adding extra domain), it says "You now know how to add a domain." And I do know now.

I never thought cPanel is that easy to use. Its even easier than making the website.

If anyone needs tutorials, like me, I strongly recommend those links that Sierra posted. Its very easy to understand because they are in video form and you just have to follow the steps being shown.

12-11-09, 03:00
That's right, cPanel is quite user friendly. Even the inexperienced users are able to use it without having to rely much on the technical support.

12-11-09, 07:16
Sierra, thanks for posting those links. I'll pass them on to my friend. His experience is next to nothing, so this is perfect. :) The help's much appreciated.

12-11-09, 10:39
Most Welcome Guys.

Its entirely my pleasure to aid you. You may also visit our knowledgebase (http://www.bodhost.com/web-hosting/) for more information and can contact directly to our sales support team, they'll certainly assist you more ideally.

Wish you merrily for the coming Christmas season in advance:)

12-12-09, 00:20
Sounds like cpanel is the easiest control for a website. I'll have to check in to using it for my site. Thanks for all the information! It's really helpful for those who know very little, like me. :)

01-27-10, 09:41
It's not really hard to teach new users about cPanel. Start with the main cPanel homepage, create a MySQL user and database, create an email account or creating a subdomain. It's good if you demonstrate it to your friend step by step.

02-05-10, 00:56
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