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05-05-06, 23:39
Had a look through the cpanel docs for Image manager (I don't have this feature in my CP). I'm trying to find the path to imagemagik or netPBM.
Can you help please.

PS, that fantastico option is brill, wish I'd seen it before manually installing. :roll:

05-06-06, 06:39
The server only has GD installed as far as I can see.

05-06-06, 08:12
I can see netPBM in the temp folder, also coppermine is an option in the scripts so I would have thought netPBM was installed?

Seems the ticket submission link is duff?

05-06-06, 10:08
Coppermine will use either GD or Image Magick, but I've just checked and we're on different servers so maybe we're not set up the same.

It can take a while for someone to get back with a reply to a ticket, an e-mail sometimes works better.

05-07-06, 08:09
Image Magick is installed on all of our servers. You can use the Path for it as usr/bin/

05-07-06, 20:13
Well, I can't see anything related to Image Magick in phpinfo anyway, only GD.
Would it not show up if only a binary and not the php interface is installed?

10-20-07, 22:25
Various paths to binary of ImageMagick are /usr/bin/ or /usr/bin/mogrify or /usr/bin/convert . But I mostly found path for ImageMagick on the server is /usr/bin/convert


10-22-07, 04:26
Thanks glenn

10-22-07, 06:57
Imagemagick has a lot of features which i have been noticing :

1) It can convert image format
2) It can make changes to the images such as resize, rotate, crop, flip or trim
3) It can also render the image portions
4) It can add or shape the images
5) It also enables decoration
6) You can also add in special effect to the images
7) Creation GIF animation
8) Insertion of Description
9) It identifies Image format
10) Image Over-lap
11) It also supports Motion picture formats
12) Calculation of Images
13) Dynamic ranges of Images
14) It also supports large Images

10-22-07, 17:02
hmm ill look into this for you