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07-14-09, 09:07
Recently, my friend asked me about control panels for webhosting. I've told him about CPanel. But, most recently, he asked me about VistaPanel. I have no idea what this is, but some people tell me its still CPanel. I'd like some help on clearing this up please.

carl owen
07-14-09, 16:12
Vista panel is cPanel skin which is actually made by cPanel to provide a Vista feel to the users of cPanel :)

It is easy to navigate and has a simple yet good looking interface which provides the users with a feel of working at home Cool It also has a custom login screen and webmail login.

Fantastico which is one of the best tools in cPanel control panel is also supported by Vista panel :dancing:

It has these worderful features, however, you should make sure you will not get Vista panel for free as it is a licensed skin and you will have to pay charges for it :o

07-15-09, 19:36
Vistapanel has been around for about two years or so now, can anyone who has used it highly recommend it since it's not a freebie. I know that there were bugs and kinks being ironed out initially.

07-17-09, 07:26
I never used VistaPanel but it looks similar to cPanel, some features of it are different from cPanel's features. You can control some important aspects of your webpages like databases, statistics, managing domains, ftp, databases, e-mail messages, backups and restoration, files, and has Fantastico in a form of an installer-type tool. VistaPanel also has a database management of creating tickets for client inquiries/support, flags, CName records, phpMyAdmin and MySQL.

07-17-09, 10:51
Does anyone know how much Vistapanel costs? And has anyone here used it? I'd love to know whether an actual user thought it was worth the price. I'm a bit thrifty, myself, but I'm always looking for something that can prevent a few of my daily headaches. Smoke

07-17-09, 14:13
It turns out that my friend was using a freeweb hosting service and VistaPanel was free as well. If he getting scammed or something? I took a look and it looks really nice and very easy to navigate.

07-20-09, 06:56
Sometimes when you use certain hosting options you get things such as the VistaPanel option, from what I understand that is. I was told that a lot of times this is why so many hosting people are so expensive, they mark up their hosting and say you get this and this for free, when in reality, they have just marked up the initial hosting cost to include these things. I could be wrong but that is what I've heard along the way.