View Full Version : vDeck?

07-08-09, 02:23
Is this the latest control panel? I have not heard of this before until now, and an online source says that the software is now in its third version. Does anyone here uses vDeck?

07-17-09, 15:48
I saw the demo and it looks like it is easy to use and manipulate. Everything is nicely laid out and ready to use.

vDeck 3.0 was upgraded to add a few feature, make navigation easier and include graphical icons.

07-19-09, 19:39
Something about the look of it is really unappealing to me. I wonder if other "skins" are available, as with cPanel? I don't think I would ever use anything that seemed like such a huge eyesore. I spend enough time starting at my control panel to get tired of it pretty quickly. Hammering