View Full Version : How to change hostname on cPanel VPS?

06-22-09, 08:38
Like the title says, how do you change the hostname for a cPanel VPS? I want to be able to change the hostname from something like abc.domain.com to xyz.domain.com.

06-22-09, 17:05
You should be able to change the host name right in WHM itself. Simply look under the "Server Setup" section and look for the function that says "Change Hostname". :)

06-23-09, 05:14
Yes, you might want to give it try. However, most of the times the new hostname will not reflect so, it is recommended to have your hosting company change the Hostname for your VPS from the main VPS node.

07-02-09, 14:34
Login into your WHM, click Hostname under Networking Setup then enter your new host name and click Change. Then add an A-record for your new hostname in WHM, look for the DNS functions or something like option and click Add an Entry for the new host name that you chose.