View Full Version : What is Web Disk?

Jenny Walker
06-21-09, 21:47
There's something in cPanel that I haven't tried before. It's called Web Disk, but I'm not quite sure what it does. The page says you can drag and drop files into your hosting account, so does that mean I can upload files to my account that way instead of using FTP?

06-22-09, 04:17
WebDAV (which cPanel calls Web Disk) is basically a set extensions to the HTTP protocol that allows you to manage the Web (just your web account, really) almost as if it was a folder on your computer. So yes, you can transfer files to your hosting account via WebDAV. I don't recommend it, though, as it is horribly insecure. I suggest you use SFTP to transfer files or even just FTP.

06-27-09, 14:59
Web disk shows on your computer as another hard disk like the C:\ compartment. You can access it online with the use of your user and password everywhere you go without the use of a flash drive/usb. I think it can be used on any OS as long as it carries a WebDAV program. If you want to access your webdisk, it just appears on the side of your other disk, and you can save important documents or delete some files, copy, move or drag them. It's like what you do in your C:\ compartment. You can open it from a browser as long as the computer has an internet access.

07-08-09, 19:41
I heard about a thing called "cloud" where you can store your files in the web. Is this true or is this the same thing?