View Full Version : Can a SSL certificate be installed for an addon domain?

Jenny Walker
06-21-09, 08:15
There's an addon domain in one of the cPanel accounts that I want to install a SSL certificate on. Is this possible? I know I SSL needs to have a dedicated IP address in order for it to work, but I want to know if this can be done first before I commit to anything.

06-21-09, 09:47
Unfortunately, you can't use SSL on addon domains. SSL certificates can only be installed on the main domain in cPanel. It's a limitation in cPanel, I'm afraid.

06-23-09, 04:47
You need to get it confirmed from the Bod team, IMO Wild card SSL can be used for the add-on domains.

06-23-09, 05:35

Yes, you can install a separate SSL certificate on an addon domain. Wild card SSL's enable SSL encryption on multiple sub-domains.