View Full Version : cPanel DNS cluster -- is it worth using?

06-21-09, 01:07
Is it worth using cPanel's DNS cluster? I was thinking of getting a few VPSes here and there and loading cPanel DNS onto them and setting up everything with cPanel's DNS cluster. What I want is to be able to have clients point to the same nameservers if they're on different servers. However, I had heard that cPanel's DNS cluster can be buggy.

Dave M
06-21-09, 05:17
Those reports of cPanel DNS cluster being buggy were years ago, weren't they? I think the feature works fine now. At least, I couldn't find any recent complaints about the DNS clustering feature.

06-21-09, 05:47
cPanel DNS cluster works. I know a guy who'd been using it for a while and he says that aside from a few hitches setting it up, he was very satisfied with it.