View Full Version : User guide for Plesk?

Jenny Walker
06-16-09, 22:37
Are there any good tutorials out there for the Plesk control panel? I'm really liking it so far, but there seem to be a few things that are done differently from the way cPanel does things. So if there are any good tutorials I watch or read up on, that'd be great. :)

06-16-09, 23:25
Jenny, I wasn't able to find any tutorials here, but I did find some good video ones at DemoWolf: DemoWolf Hosting Tutorials (http://www.demowolf.com/pricing.php). There are some Plesk tutorials there that I think you'll find useful.

06-17-09, 05:41
You can find some flash tutorials and screenshots for Plesk at Parallels Plesk Panel 9.2 ? Demo, Tutorials & Screenshots

06-17-09, 06:30
Thanks techgirl. I've been looking for a tutorial on Plesk myself and this is perfect. I'm thinking of doing a switch but want to make sure it's something I can handle first.

06-17-09, 07:48
For Plesk tutorial you can also refer to this link Plesk Tutorials (http://www.bodhost.com/plesk-vps-hosting.shtml)

Jenny Walker
06-19-09, 14:50
Thanks for all the references, you guys! I'm going to be reading up on them so I'll what to do if or when I switch to Plesk. You guys are the greatest! :D

06-20-09, 05:39
The Plesk documentation available at their own website at Parallels is a comprehensive guide to the software. Might want to check that as well.