View Full Version : Custom 404 page for all users in Plesk?

Jenny Walker
06-16-09, 22:15
Hey hey, guys! Custom 404 pages in Plesk, is it possible? I'm not talking about just the user's 404 page, I'm talking about something like a master 404 page (I don't know how else to describe it) that appears for every user created in Plesk. That way, if someone gets a 404 page for a sub-site, they will see my 404 page as the default.

06-19-09, 09:39
I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but in your Plesk reseller login, there's an item called Virtual Host Template which contains folders and files which will be placed in the directories of newly created domains. In there, navigate to the error_docs folder. You should see a list of error pages the one for 404 is not_found.html.

06-19-09, 10:42
I've been getting my own 404 page error but on Control Panel and I'm just lost as too why. So, if anyone can shed some light on this it would be appreciated.

06-19-09, 14:09
Hey, lucy. Can you explain a bit more about your problem? It sounded rather vague. In any case, this thread is about making your own custom 404 page not found error page that will be shown by default on all domains that you host. Your problem (from what I could gather) sounds like you are getting a 404 page, which is quite different from what this thread's about. Still, we'll be glad to help if we can, but we'll need you to make things clearer for us. :)

Jenny Walker
06-19-09, 14:47
Thanks, surreality! That sounds easy to do. Hmm... I wonder if the same thing would work for Plesk as it does in a cPanel server? I'm talking about changing the httpd.conf, which someone suggested to me a while ago.