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03-14-09, 08:55
Is it possible to upload the CSS to cPanel? I use CSS to make templates for my website. I use cPanel to help me host my website, upload my webpages and images in my File Manager at the cPanel. If it is possible, how and where do I upload CSS to cPanel? The pages are not formatted so I was not able to upload CSS to cPanel.

03-14-09, 20:21
Hi... yes, there'd be no problems with uploading a CSS to your website. You can upload those specific files in their respective locations using either the cPanel File Manager feature or directly through using an FTP client..

03-16-09, 17:15
I'm not sure if you want to use the CSS for your website or for cPanel it self. I know you could upload CSS for you website using cPanel but I'm not sure how you could apply it to cPanel it self. Maybe there are pre-made templates.

jason s
03-16-09, 19:00
CSS refers website development whereas cpanel is a webhosting contorl panel which don't have any relation with CSS...

Using cpanel you can upload all your CSS web pages using file manager option.

03-16-09, 21:44
Yes, you can upload the CSS files through Cpanel by following the below steps:-

1) Login into your control panel by using this link : http://yourdomain.com:2082

2) Once you login click on "File Manager" .

3) After you click on the File Manager icon another browser window will open that will look similar to this screen and click on Public_html folder.

4) Now you are ready to upload files.

Note:: You will many folders . If you mess around with any wrong folder then you can destroy your e-mail, your frontpage extensions and more. So, be careful in what you are doing.