View Full Version : If it becomes corrupt?

03-12-09, 16:43
While I am somewhat knowledgeable when it comes to VPS, I never used one with CPanel. I only use CPanel in my shared hosting accounts.

I remember having at least once instance in which my CPanel became corrupt due to some silly error on my part. I had to contact my host to fix the issue as I couldn't do it myself, if this occurs in a VPS, is it possible for the user to fix the problem themselves or do they have to contact support as well?

03-13-09, 00:32
cPanel is so wonderful that it fixes most of it's broken stuff if you run "/scripts/upcp --force", the magical command from SSH as root.. if you've messed up with the permissions or other things, we've necessary backups of your data, that can be restored if needed..Cool

Also, to be on a safer part, it's always advised to contact support prior to making any major changes to the control panel or the VPS. If, in case, it's broken & you're unable to get your hands over it, our well skilled VPS Support Dept, would willingly get it sorted out for you :dancing: Good luck.. ;)

03-13-09, 02:33
It's a good idea to contact support if you are unsure on how to fix it..

carl owen
03-13-09, 11:27
Changes in the server should be done if you aware of the issue and you know how to fix it. Otherwise, contacting support before making any changes will be the best option. Sometimes it is difficult to contact support as the web hosting company does not provide 24x7 support. Hence, it is recommended that you choose a company which provides 24x7 Uninterrupted support ;)

03-14-09, 04:42
Yes it is possible for the user to fix the problem in a corrupted VPS. It is performed from the management portal of the VPS and a hard poweroff is done. When logging in through console, troubleshoot and recover corrupted VPS. If it's not working still, start rebuilding from scratch. Again select your fave distro, install the new or latest updates and load up your preferred software and start over again. Better if you can contact support for faster assistance.