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03-02-09, 19:22
What is cPanel? I've heard people talk about it and from what I can see, its an online FTP system. Why don't people just use their webhost's FTP? How is it better? Does it offer mor customization or functions?

03-04-09, 07:09
If you have heard of webhosting plan services in order to host your websites, the webhosting company includes cPanel in its plan that is web-based and is designed to help you control your website preferences (with you as an administrator). It's an online FTP system that is responsible for publishing your website to the world wide web. Your website cannot be seen as the remote site if your webpages are not yet uploaded and downloaded in your cPanel's File Manager. cPanel offers more customization or functions depending on the plan package offered by the webhosting company. It's not free because it is a software that requires monthly license fees.

carl owen
03-04-09, 13:20
cPanel is a control panel which will allow you to manage your server very efficiently. It will help you to perform difficult tasks easily with the server as it includes many features and customization options which will be required. It is much more than FTP and makes it easier for you to manage your server. It is a third party application and hence requires licensing fees.

03-05-09, 00:51
cPanel is the most widely used control panel in the webhosting industry. It provides a number of common operations that can be performed from within, which includes Mail, FTP, Mysql and much more.

You may want to take a look at their website for more information..

carl owen
03-05-09, 11:58
You can check more about cPanel/WHM on there website which is cPanel dot net.

03-05-09, 20:21
Thanks for the replys. It seems that cPanel is quite popular. If a hosting service doenst offer it, is it possible to still get most of the basic features that you need to do?

03-05-09, 23:57
Yes, there are other control panels available in the market. Some host may provide custom panels also, but cPanel still remains the most popular panel.

Quite user-friendly and designed to make administration of websites easy.

carl owen
03-06-09, 12:04
If a hosting service doenst offer it, is it possible to still get most of the basic features that you need to do?

If a Web hosting provider does not offer cPanel, it is always better to choose one which offers cPanel control panel. However, if you like the hosting provider who does not offer cPanel control panel, you can purchase the license and install cPanel yourself after you are permitted to do this by your web hosting provider. But, if you do this, you will not get the support you will need for cPanel control panel and hence it is always a better option to choose a web hosting provider which will offer you cPanel control panel with the support for it.

03-06-09, 20:51
cPanel is a very useful tool. It looks like everyone has explained what it is but I'll describe it a bit more.

It basicly give you mail, logs, files, security, domains, databases, and advanced settings. It allows you to do everything you need to do with webhosting. If you have ever used 000webhost's free hosting, they use this. You can probably go on there and try it out.