View Full Version : Change domain in cPanel?

02-21-09, 07:49
Is it possible to change a main domain (single) in cPanel? Does anyone know which web hosting server have this kind of feature? Or is it available only in WHM that allows hosting of multiple domains?

02-21-09, 14:04
That's only possible with WHM and not if you have a shared hosting account. However, this is possible though. All you need to do is contact your service provider and they will do it for you. Another thing is, with VPS's and Dedicated Servers, you will always have cPanel - WHM ( If you opt for it ) which means you can always change multiple domain names within the panel.


Shane Phillips

carl owen
02-21-09, 14:15
You can change a Domain name and it is possible through WHM. For changing the domain name through cPanel, follow the steps given below :

1) Login into WHM as Root.

2) Then select the option List accounts.

3) Once you select this option, you will find all the domains hosted under this account.

4) Now you will see Username of each Domain. Click the Edit option you find under the Username of the domain name you wish to change.

5) You will find the current domain name once you click this option. Edit the Domain name and Save the changes.