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02-21-09, 06:09
I know that using the whcm you can change the templates for the cpanel, but how hard is this to do? How many separate page templates do you have to change to make your cpanel themed?

carl owen
02-21-09, 13:34
It is not very difficult to change a themes of cPanel through WHM. Simply Login into WHM as Root. Then select List Accounts. Once you select List accounts, you will find all the Domains hosted under the account. You will then find Edit option under the Username. Click the Edit option and you will find Theme options. Select a Theme and save the changes and you are done.

03-01-09, 00:25
It's not hard to change the theme setup of your cPanel. Go to your website's cPanel and login. Select Preferences and you could see two choices: Change Style and RVSkin Theme Changer. There are about 14 templates on the Change Style menu and 3 skin themes on RVSkin Theme Changer then choose your choice of theme for your cPanel. ;)

03-02-09, 14:54
Please be advised Rvskin requires licensing.


Shane Phillips