View Full Version : Will Plesk be hard to learn?

02-17-09, 17:41
After hearing the pros and cons of Linux servers, I am thinking of switching even if I stick to shared hosting. However, I am used to cPanel as its the only one I've used. Will there be a really big learning curve to learn Plesk or are they essentially similar enough to be relatively painless to adjust to?

carl owen
02-17-09, 19:47
No doubt, the interface is different but Plesk isn't very difficult to learn if you are already using cPanel control panel. You may face some problems as you have got used to cPanel but once you start using Plesk, you will learn it quite easily.

02-19-09, 03:23
For starters, it's normal to feel that way. A beginner would learn the basics of using cPanel and it will be easier for him to master the Plesk program in the later part.

02-19-09, 09:15
Plesk Interface is not at all difficult and if you have a windows server, then you should opt for it. However, cPanel is definitely with Linux. :)

02-19-09, 10:30
Somehow I have managed to get the two mixed up in my head, apparently. I thought cPanel was Windows and Plesk was Linux - geesh! I guess then that I have nothing to worry about as apparently I've been using Linux hosting all along!

02-19-09, 13:58
Then, it's all cPanel...:D

02-19-09, 13:58
Then you don't have to think about Plesk yet with linux, unless you are thinking of saving more with less domain licenses.


Shane Phillips

carl owen
02-19-09, 15:40
This feature of Plesk makes it different from cPanel. Plesk is available with a Limited number of domains and Unlimited number of domains and this feature is not available with cPanel control panel as it is only available with Unlimited number of domains. You can purchase Plesk with Limited number of domains according to the domains you wish to host and you will be able to save a good amount of money if you do this.

02-20-09, 10:10
I don't think that plesk is really hard to learn, but it may not be as intuitive as using the cpanel control panel. I would check it out if think that it would work for your site.

carl owen
02-20-09, 12:40
The best way to find out whether you will be able to use Plesk or not is to check Plesk demo and you can find it online. You will get a proper idea of Plesk interface and you can then decide whether you should choose Plesk control panel for yourself.

02-20-09, 17:04
If you decide that you still want to use the Plesk control panel but are still finding it hard to use then try finding video tutorials on YouTube or other video sharing websites.

Sometimes, the control panel itself will have a built-in tutorial. At least thats how it is with the cPanel control panel.