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02-17-09, 12:36
Someone might know this and I hope they do. I am having a mind fart this week. I know I created a friends username for an email (free, good friend) about a year ago, it sat idle for a while and I was not aware of this. Now that email disappeared.

Why would this happen?

02-17-09, 13:29
If you don't login in to Yahoo or Gmail account over 4 month period then it become dormant account and dormant accounts can be deleted at the end of four months.

carl owen
02-17-09, 14:41
Correct. The email account is deleted if you do not use it for a long time. I am not sure why this is done but this is probably done to create space for new accounts.

02-17-09, 15:47
Where did you create this email account? If it was at a free service such as Google Mail, or Yahoo Mail then it may have been deleted. However, you make it sound as if you created it through your web hosting account. If it was through your account then maybe you accidently deleted it. Is it at all possible that they could have deleted it themselves?

carl owen
02-18-09, 12:35
It is only possible to delete an email account from a web hosting account if you are the administrator of the account or you have been given the privileges to do that. If you have created a free email account from Google mail, Yahoo mail etc then your email account will be deleted if you do not use to for certain period of time.

jason s
02-18-09, 17:39
Yes, e-mail account is deleted when you will not access it for a long period. You should try one of these webmail providers for an e-mail account as your account will never be deactivated if you didn't log in


1. O2 webmail
2. Orgoo
3. Mynet Mail
4. 6zap


1. MobileMe
2. PolarisMail
3. TrustyBox

02-18-09, 19:32
I am not sure whether a free webmail account will last if you do not login for a long time. However, a paid one will surely remain even if you do not access it.

02-19-09, 03:37
... this is probably done to create space for new accounts.
I am thinking that could be the reason that an email account has been inactive for a very long time. Free email services do that to give way for new users to create their new email accounts.

02-19-09, 09:13

If you have a option for a paid email hosting service, consider it. ;)


Shane Phillips

carl owen
02-19-09, 15:44
Paid email hosting service is a good option. However, you should only pay for it if you have a very good usage and you keep on receiving and sending emails regularly. If you do not need email services regularly then it is not worth paying as you will get this service for free.