View Full Version : Parallels Plesk Panel

02-16-09, 10:08
I was playing around with the Parallels Plesk Panel's online demo and I really like the interface and the way it's set up compared to cPanel. I thought there would be a big learning curve but it really seems like it's organized well. Are there different types of Plesk that I should check out or are they all the same?

02-16-09, 14:52
Plesk provides only one type of control panel with many add- ons

carl owen
02-16-09, 16:21
The interface of Plesk is the same but you can have different add-ons with it. You can have Plesk for some limited number of domains and unlimited number of domains depending on your requirements. You can also have Plesk power pack which has some additional features.

03-06-09, 12:57
Parallels Plesk Panel has several versions and the latest I think is version 9. I have a friend who is running a hosting business using the plesk panel and he described that Parallels Plesk Panel is user-friendly and allows multi-login roles for all users. A new user doesn't need to take a big learning curve of Plesk Panel because Parallels have redone the user interface to make it easy to use the plesk panel and to reduce confusion.