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02-12-09, 13:13

I'm currently renting a dedicated server and it's running on Linux and using Plesk Panel 9.0 as the control panel. I have 3 websites hosted with different webhosting companies. I want to be able to put them all on this dedicated server and have the domain names go to the new sites.

The first stage is getting these websites up and running on the server. I've created multiple IP addresses and placed the websites on each one. I've managed to access one of them by its IP address, but the next one I created gave me the default Parallels Plesk Panel page when I tried to access it despite me having uploaded all the right files to the httpdocs folder.

The second stage is getting the domain names to go to these sites. I gather this is something to do with the DNS, but I have no idea about it. :(

Can anyone help?



02-12-09, 19:15
Did you set your DNS settings to point to the proper nameservers? Also, how long did you wait before checking? It would take about 24-72 hours for the domains to properly propagate to the correct place.

02-12-09, 19:39
I'm quite new to this, so I don't really know where to start doing that.

I'm not even sure a dedicated server is the solution I'm looking for. Is there any easier way of solving the problem I've described?

02-13-09, 08:02
Changing the DNS would have to be done no matter what kind of hosting you have so there really isn't any simpler way. When you first got set up, you should have been given the instructions for changing your DNS.

02-15-09, 22:24
So.... if I have two top level domains and 10 sub-domains set up on two different accounts, how do I set the DNS to point to the proper nameservers in the first place so that they're part of the same account? Confused.

carl owen
02-16-09, 17:50
Please do not get confused. There are no nameservers for sub-domains. Once you have updated the nameservers of your main domain name, the sub-domains will directly point the server where your domain name is hosted. So you only have to update the nameservers of your main domains and you are done.

02-16-09, 19:27
Yes I agree with Carl,

You won't need to set Nameservers for Sub-domains however, if you need more clarification then please let us knowSmoke

02-21-09, 06:07
If you are asking about consolidating all of your domain names on to one server, I think that this would be a good way to get rid of some extra micromanagement tasks.