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02-10-09, 23:51
I have never used Plesk, so I was wondering what differences that these two control panels have. Would anyone care to provide some information for me? Are they each only best suited to certain types of servers?

02-11-09, 10:30
The only difference between Plesk and Cpanel is the user interface - both Plesk and Cpanel feature sets are pretty much same, and both are reasonably fast, secure, and reliable. Cpanel is only compatible with Linux OS and Plesk is compatible with Linux as well as Windows.

02-11-09, 13:13
There is really no other difference? Man I wish I could remember who it was but I knew a guy about a year ago, ran a big mustang forum and for some reason he has issues with Plesk and Vbulliten working together but if there really is no difference maybe he was used to something else before he started using Plesk??

02-11-09, 17:07
Let's not forget that cPanel is still in it's beta version for windows operating system. :)

carl owen
02-11-09, 17:08
You cannot say that there is no difference between cPanel and Plesk control panel. The features, the resource usage, the compatibility and some other aspects makes them different from each other. Also, the user interface is quite different.

02-11-09, 18:22
I've used CPanel most of the time, so I tend to stick with it as I've already gotten used to how it works and know my way around it well.

As for Plesk, can't comment too much on it unfortunately but I suggest you try a demo of each control panel and see which one suits you more.

02-13-09, 08:05
I haven't used Plesk before, only cPanel. Until reading in here, I didn't even know what kind of server I was on with my sites. Now I know that I was on Windows servers. I've heard so much about Linux being better that I'm debating going with that to check it out but I hope the interface with Plesk is somewhat intuitive as I hate learning new techie stuff.

02-13-09, 12:25
Plesk interface is not very difficult. If you can use cPanel then you can definitely use Plesk. You might face some problems in the initial stages as you are used to cPanel but once you get used to Plesk, you won't face any problem. I think you should try some online tutorials of Plesk before you actually choose Plesk for yourself.

02-14-09, 11:55
Plesk 9.x is pretty impressive though...;)

02-15-09, 03:11
cPanel has two programs, cPanel and WHM. Plesk has two login types, the client and the domain admin login. Both can be given their own permissions. Client login is accessible to produce hosting for domains and he can allow or not allow access to domain admin. If client allows domain admin, he can control several permissions that the domain administrator will be permitted to do. Domain Administrators are capable to access a single domain but not permitted to produce extra domains.

12-31-09, 00:09
Usually there is difference between plesk and c panel
The resource usage,features ,the compatibility and some other aspects makes them different.the user interface is quite different.

carl owen
01-03-10, 19:54
Previously, cPanel/WHM control panel was only available for Linux, whereas, Plesk control panel was available for Linux as well as Windows, however, as cPanel has been widely preferred as a control panel, cPanel for Windows has been launched which is known as cPanel Enkompass.

Though, cPanel Enkompass is still in the beta testing version and is not available to be purchased, it is possible to take a trial license free of cost and test the cPanel for Windows :)

01-04-10, 01:42

The appearance/interface of Enkompass looks similar to that of cPanel(after searching on Google).
The only difference is the O.S. they support(i think so).

01-06-10, 09:47
Hello Sven_sim,

:welcome: to bodhost forum.

The appearance/interface of Enkompass looks similar to that of cPanel(after searching on Google).

Enkompass is developed by cPanel and they had already made it clear that it will be designed as cPanel and will carry the logo of cPanel.
You may refer to the below link for more information:
Overview - Enkompass (http://www.cpanel.net/windows/overview.html)

carl owen
01-07-10, 16:41
I think they have done this as the interface of cPanel for Linux is found to be very simple by the users and hence cPanel is the most widely used control panel for Linux. However, besides the interface, the stability and the compatibility of cPanel Enkompass for Windows will decide it's success ;)

01-16-10, 19:58
Has anyone here tried Enkompass yet? As Cpanel has released the test license for it users who want to have a demo for Enkompass. If anyone has tried it please let us know the reviews for Enkompass too :)