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01-22-09, 15:24
I have tried some other hosts and most out there that have "their own control panel" well they just do not play nice with me. I do not have the time to curse at something to make it work, it just needs to work. cPanel is easy for newbies and for those that have been around the block. So why not stick with something that is already simple?

01-25-09, 11:28
I only get hosting that offers cPanel now. I don't have time to learn complicated things and why do it when it is not necessary? cPanel is easy to get going with and there are a lot of places to ask questions when it is needed so I don't bother with anything else.

carl owen
01-25-09, 11:41
Yes I do agree, cPanel is really simple to use and is a very good control panel which allows us to manage our web hosting package quite easily. It is really a very good option for people who are new to web hosting and find it difficult to manage the web hosting package they have.

01-25-09, 11:54
I have to agree with you both, guys. I used cPanel when I was a beginner the first time I started purchasing a local company's linux web hosting package. It became quite a handy when I started to manage my website with ease.

01-25-09, 15:23
cPanel is really an excellent control panel which allows the user to complete difficult tasks very easily. WHM ( Web Host Manager ) which is also included in cPanel is a very tool for resellers as they can create accounts for the customers very easily with a few simple clicks. Fantastico which can also be purchased with cPanel control panel can be used to install popular scripts easily and Fantastico also includes many tools for Resellers. Having cPanel control panel for your web hosting package with WHM and Fantastico can prove to be a very good decision and can help you to manage your web hosting package/server very well.

01-25-09, 20:40
I'm a fan of CPanel as well, although I will say that some of those custom control panels that some hosts offer are not that bad. The average user only needs to change perhaps their FTP password once in a while, create a database, and maybe add/remove a domain. So for those things, the custom ones I've used were just as efficient as CPanel.

01-26-09, 09:49
I think cpanel offers all the features a person would need and then some. Other control panels just are not up to par with what cpanel is offering webmasters these days.

01-26-09, 10:56
I have never used the cpanel control panel, but it sounds like I am missing out! I will have to check this one out, thanks for letting me know about it guys.

01-27-09, 06:05
The beauty of cpanel is that it can do pretty much anything that you should need to do with a hosting package (almost everything, but not EVERYTHING) saying that, you can edit your MX records for your dns entries, which is quite an advanced feature, you can easilly add passwords to directories (.htaccess modification) and take them away. All in all its a very good way to change stuff.

01-27-09, 12:30
Yes, indeed. What do you think of DNS Server clusters in cPanel ?

Would they need any additional feature add to their interface ?

Let me know your thoughts. :)

01-27-09, 12:52
cPanel DNS ONLY is application that allows you to run fully dedicated physical nameserver. WHM DNS Clustering feature can also useful to link your web servers to the DNS ONLY server.

stability is the main advantage to using DNS ONLY. If your web server has an outage, your DNS information stays accessible, even when your web server is offline. This allows visitors to reach websites on your server more quickly after the web server comes back online.

For this reason, using DNS ONLY is optimal for web hosts running multiple servers.

carl owen
01-27-09, 15:27
Yes, I agree to Andy. WHM DNS can be very useful to the web hosting providers who run multiple servers at a time. It is useful as it is very easy to get the DNS information even when your website is not working when the servers are down. Once the servers are online again, the website will be accessible.

01-28-09, 13:41
Yes, indeed. What do you think of DNS Server clusters in cPanel ?

I think compared to what some people on random (crazy) sites were saying about this before it was brought back up (when it was just all talk), it seems to be easier than many expected. It was not nearly as much a pain as I had thought it would be (wordpress and lightbox were tons more fun to play with ....)

01-29-09, 18:46
cPanel - web interface has made things a lot easier when compared to operating through SSH root. :)

01-29-09, 19:15
Yes, operating through SSH Root is really very difficult if you do not have any technical knowledge. This is the reason that you are recommended to have a control panel with the server. If you have control panel with the server you can manage your server and complete difficult tasks very easily. Also, you do not have to contact the support department again and again for having an issue solved. With a control panel you can save a lot of time and you will be able to handle your server very well.

carl owen
01-30-09, 20:14
Yes, I agree to you Joseph. The best part of a control panel is the fact that it allows you to manage your server and the server components very well as you will be able to view the status of most of the components of the server. Also, the time reduction in managing things helps a user a lot to focus on the other aspects.

02-02-09, 11:21
Some people do have the technical knowledge or at least did. You would be surprised the number of people I have ran across that used to command line everything and now just want something simple instead. I am one of those people. :D

02-02-09, 12:17
Yes, you are right. Most of the people are looking for something simpler instead of command line and what could be better then cPanel control panel as it allows you to do most of the tasks easily which indeed saves your time and energy which can be utilized for some other purpose.

02-02-09, 18:36
Honestly, if you ask me, i would prefer SSH because it gives me extreme priviledges over my Work Station or the Web Server. However, at times when i am lazy, i feel my mouse should do some work too. :)