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01-14-09, 06:19
I am unable to lookup an an A entry for its hostname

I have a Linux dedicated server with WHM.So it appears this message when I enter on WHM, I try to fix with the popup that appears, I click on click here, but then the problem is not solved.

So please suggest me to solve this problem?

Thanks in Advance

Danny Lawson
01-15-09, 22:16
Please post the complete error that you are getting so that you can get an appropriate solution on it.

03-14-09, 05:29
This is because the entry was not added. I think it must be the problem with the nameserver being down. If the root domain is on the server, it should be included, there should be an entry for the hostname of your server. Check your root domain and your zone file, you can edit manually if the root domain and zone file isn't created or edited yet.

03-14-09, 05:33
A newly setup cPanel system may pop up such a message.

To fix this login to your WHM and go to the DNS Functions area on the left menu. Now select Add an A Entry for your Hostname. It will ask you to confirm the details: press Add the entry to do so.

Let me know how you get on it.

03-15-09, 02:19

The error/warning appears when your hostname isn't setup to point to the IP address of your server. Either add the entry manually in the DNS or I'd recommend adding a separate entry for the hostname in the DNS zone. Contact support & this will be sorted out in seconds ;)

03-15-09, 02:46
Just following up to see if you got this resolved?

03-15-09, 18:30
Thanks to all,

Issue has been fixed within 20 minutes by Bodhost's support team. I had sent an email to them and they got it sorted.

03-15-09, 22:43
Glad you got it working :)