View Full Version : Is Plesk recommended with Linux ?

carl owen
12-29-08, 17:36
Plesk control panel is good if we use it with Windows but can we use Plesk with Linux ? If yes, do you recommend Plesk control panel with Linux ? If you do not recommend Plesk control panel with Linux what is the reason for it ?

12-29-08, 18:12
We do offer Plesk control on our Windows as well as Linux hosting platform.Plesk is a very popular and easy to use GUI interface control panel.We would recommend Capnel as well as Plesk control panel on our Linux hosting platform.
Both control panel are always best than others.

12-30-08, 07:59
I think the major disadvantage of Plesk is that the user can't create their own applications and add-ons in Plesk.

carl owen
12-30-08, 18:25
So do you mean that I will be able to create my own applications and add-ons in cPanel ? If yes, then how can I do this ? can I create my own applications and add-ons in Plesk on Windows server ? If yes, how can I do this ?

12-31-08, 09:29
Once you login to Cpanel you can easily access Fantastico installer by clicking on Fantastico De-luxe icon:-

Many CMS options are available with Cpanel from which some are as follows:-

Mambo Open Source

01-01-09, 08:03
Plesk's interface is slightly harder to use and customise than cPanel. that's the reason many client's prefer cPanel.

01-01-09, 09:56
Plesk V 9.0 has improved functionality than it's previous versions and i believe it's integration with linux or windows operating system has an added advantage over cPanel until the beta version of cPanel - windows has been released. :)

Danny Lawson
01-19-09, 23:16
IMO Plesk is a better option to use on Linux Server as if incase you plan to migrate to a Windows Platform in future it makes your job easy. So even if the platform changes you'll be using the same control panel so that will save a lot of time an energy for you and instead of learning the new control panel interface you can simply focus on new things. Its always good to keep multiple options open for yourself.

01-20-09, 13:46
Yes I agree with Danny. Another major advantage of Plesk is that it utilizes low resources when compared to Cpanel.

01-20-09, 18:39
I would highly suggest cpanel if you are going to use linux hosting. It is better in so many ways that I would not even consider plesk. Plesk does what it has to and nothing else, cpanel is what a control panel should be.

01-24-09, 08:49
Plesk has improved over time. However, i do not have any comments on support that Parallel provides. :)

02-28-09, 03:23
Yes we can use Plesk control panel with Linux. Users that have Plesk in their Linux servers enable them to set up mailboxes, monitor site usage, change passwords, view log files and statistics, edit and access databases through PHPMyAdmin, set up password protect directories and more.

carl owen
02-28-09, 11:13
Agreed. Plesk can be used with Linux and it includes many features which will help you to manage your server very well. However, I prefer cPanel with Linux in comparison to Plesk but if you have used Plesk before and you are quite comfortable with it then you can choose Plesk ;)