View Full Version : Why website shows login prompt?

10-10-08, 16:20
There are many reasons for this issue. You will need to check:

a) read + execute permissions for IUSR_<ftp_user> on yourdomain.com.

b) May be httppdocs (/) directory of yourdomain.com is under Plesk protection.

c) May be passwords for system user and IIS user are out of synchronization.

You can fix this issue, by following step by step solution:

a)Start >> Run >> CMD >> inetmgr >> Host >> Web Sites >> yourdomain.com >> check permissions for IUSR_<ftp_user> account.

b)Check Protected URLs under Plesk CP. If the root directory "/" is present there, it'd be removed.

c) The password can be synchronized using the following command at command prompt:

"%plesk_bin%\websrvmng.exe" --update-anon-password --domain-name=yourdomain.com