View Full Version : Cpanel won't update after run /scripts/upcp

10-09-08, 18:26
Some time cPanel won't update after run /scripts/upcp , the version stays the same even if cPanel having old version.Hammering

You might have /tmp mounted with nosuid and noexec.

The upgrade process stores its upgrade file in /tmp/ , and runs it from there /tmp/.

You need to be /tmp mounted without noexec
Edit /etc/fstab

After editing /etc/fstab remount /tmp partition

mount -o remount /tmp

It will sort out your problems. Smoke

10-10-08, 14:32
Thanks George for this informative post:)

cPanel has upcp update script which automatically updates the cPanel software files. These upcp script is scheduled to run once a day as a cron job, and once the update task is completed, crontab will automatically send an notification email to administrator or webmaster.