View Full Version : Unable to install SSL certificate on the domain

09-30-08, 15:38
Problem: Cpanel will not install a generated self-signed certificate.
Version: CpanelX

The process we used:

Create a dedicated IP cpanel host.
SSL Manager->Private Keys->Generate new Private Key
SSL Manager->Certificates->Generate new Certificate
SSL Installer->Install/Update an SSL Host
Select the domain, and the crt and key are populated.
Do it

Firefox output:

SSL Host Setup
Failed to install SSL certificate on the domain

IE output:

None, "Do it" box goes gray.

09-30-08, 15:44
Please make sure you have assigned dedicated IP for the domain for which you want SSL.

If you have dedicated hosting (http://www.bodhost.com/dedicated-server-hosting.shtml) with us then please provide the domain name you need the Self Signed SSL on.
BODHost.com (http://www.bodhost.com)