View Full Version : POP/IMAP and Webmail login problems

08-21-08, 10:55
I woke up this morning to find that no one can login to check email...whether they attempt it via POP, IMAP, or try to login via webmail.

Maillog shows this error:

Aug 20 10:52:30 max pop3d: LOGIN FAILED,[email protected]******.com, ip=[::ffff:]
Aug 20 10:52:30 max pop3d: authentication error: Input/output error

Trying to login in via webmail, you can login to the first page, where you select between Horde/Squirrelmail/etc, but trying to login to Horde generates this error:

Login failed because your username or password was entered incorrectly.

I've tried restarting the POP and IMAP services, with no luck. Also ran
/scripts/courierup --force
without any luck either.

Somebody Help Me

08-21-08, 11:42

Please reset the password of email account if that don't help please check ownership of directories etc and mail located under cpanel user's home directory it should be cpanelusername:mail .


08-22-08, 11:21
If you still face the same you can send an email to support dept.