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12-09-05, 17:53
I've currently got a hosting account with www.easily.co.uk (http://www.easily.co.uk) and have done for a number of years. I'm getting fed up of their lack of services and want to move over to bodhost.com when my current hosting package expires. Unfortunately it doesn't expire until August and the domain name doesn't expire until 2007.

I'm truly fed up with the lack of services, and would quite like to move over e-mail at the very least to bodhost.com in the mean time. I currently have a hosting account with bodhost.com with loads of spare space and so I could quite easily set up all of the IMAP and Forwarding accounts, but how should I go about moving over my email from one domain to another, and then in 2007, moving the whole caboodle to it's own host with bodhost.com?

Thanks in advance,


12-14-05, 13:56
My advice is, that if youre unhappy with them now, move, dont wait. No point in hanging on with a crappy servce, and Bodhost.com services are >cheap (http://www.bodhost.com/%20), so it shouldnt be a financial burden.

Get your domain from the other company, never let them control it. Open up an account with namecheap.com or another domain company, and put in a transfer request for your domain, tell them youre doing it, its as simple as that. They way i look at it is, the domain is the most important thing, if that company goes belly up, poof, there goes your domain. you must control it.