View Full Version : In process of Creation of Mail Accounts

11-30-05, 10:36
I have been trying to create mail accounts for my bodhost.com account on h-sphere, I name the address, tick the catch all the antispam and the antivirus checkboxes.

given it a password, repeated this and entered a comment.

I did not check the Mail Forward check box and I did not check the mail alias check box I did not check the Autoresponder checkbox

I click submit and it all appears to create OK and the address is added t othe list at the bottom.

I try and launch the mailbox in Horde, enter the email address, enter the password and select the English British option, an error is displayed telling me 'Login Failure' what am I doing wrong ???? Help

11-30-05, 11:29
Actually I am getting nothing but trouble with my mail accounts, my webmaster nad postmaster accounts refuse to log in as well....

Someone help me

I am on the verge of sacking this hosting and going elsewhere, as I am having no end of problems which are really basic to be honest.

File Manager doesnt work
Real difficulty creating subdomains
Webmail issues, i.e inability to create or log in to any accounts
Stats dont work
Database Manager module doesnt work.

It isnt easy......

11-30-05, 13:06
Please contact our helpdesk with the email address that has got this problem. Our Support team will solve your problem as soon as possible.

http://www.bodhost.com/ (http://bodhost.com)