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  1. Which webmail client do you prefer?
  2. Linux Operating System - Popular Linux distributions
  3. Which FTP do you prefer?
  4. Google or Bing
  5. Affiliate or Google
  6. Which web servers do you like?
  7. The Control Panel poll
  8. MySQL vs PostgreSQL vs MS SQL
  9. Favorite 1-click installers
  10. Awstats or Webalizer
  11. Preferred Web Browser.
  12. Are you a BodHost lover?
  13. Cloud Hosting Architecture.
  14. PHP or ASP?
  15. Favorite CMS?
  16. Forum Software
  17. Live Chat Support
  18. SEO Hosting Options
  19. HTML/CSS, Dynamic or Flash Sites?
  20. Satisfied with Your Hosting?
  21. What type of hosting do I need?
  22. What do you need for your web site?
  23. Will You Use The Google Chrome OS After Its Release?
  24. Free Hosting or Paid Hosting
  25. Custom design your web site or used a template?
  26. Worst Support System?
  27. Forum OR Blogs
  28. Cpanel web hosting!!
  29. FTP or File Manager in cPanel?
  30. Rsync vs R1Soft vs cPanel Backup
  31. How often do you visit web host's internal forum?
  32. Web Host Recommendation
  33. ASP.NET Content Management Systems
  34. What technologies will change IT industry over the next few years?